For General Partners

Group of Business People Meeting ConceptsDiamond Dragon Advisors does more than just raise institutional capital. We identify and partner with a select number of top-tier alternative asset managers (GPs) to help them build businesses. Whether a high-potential first time fund or a seasoned manager, our focus is to develop long-term alternative asset management businesses and the relationships needed to sustain them. We undertake thorough due diligence of managers, similar to that undertaken by limited partners in manager selection. Not only does this ensure that we represent the highest quality managers, but also it provides us with a complete understanding of the fund and the manager, which is essential for the success of an institutional fundraise.

We offer the following services to a small number of general partners and provide hands-on senior management partnership in every step of execution:


Hands of business peopleWe provide customized fundraising preparatory services covering marketing, strategy, due diligence, branding and positioning for a manager to be able to attract and retain global institutional capital effectively. The time spent on these tailored and pro-active planning services to get GPs prepared for the scrutiny of the institutional market is an essential element to capital-raising success. An advisory assignment may be offered on a stand-alone basis or as part
of a placement assignment.


Office building to skyWe undertake structured capital-raising for alternative asset funds, direct investments and secondaries on a targeted and qualified basis from the world’s top institutional investors (limited partners) and their consultants. These include, but are not limited to, pension funds, superannuation funds, sovereign wealth funds, fund of funds, endowments, insurance companies, supranationals, corporates and family offices. As Diamond Dragon Advisors is a regional specialist with an on-the-ground presence, we are able to target qualified limited partners more effectively ensuring the best use of our GPs’ time and overall a more effective fundraising process.

handshakkkeeCross-Border Branding

This is primarily for Western managers looking to expand their investor base with sophisticated Asian capital.

For Limited Partners and Consultants

Monitor in officeDiamond Dragon Advisors seeks to be a trusted and value-added business partner of limited partners (LPs) and consultants to help them meet their global investment objectives in the alternative asset space. We source and introduce to LPs and consultants a select number of top-tier alternative asset managers and their funds, direct investments and secondaries across private equity, real assets, real estate and hedge fund structures. We are highly selective as to the GPs we represent, undertaking thorough due diligence on them in the same way LPs and consultants select their managers. We capitalize on our on-the-ground presence in Asia Pacific by developing genuine and long-term relationships and gaining an intimate knowledge of the markets. This permits us to engage LPs and consultants in a meaningful way in which we seek to:
  • consultant-779590_1280Understand their investment preferences and objectives to maximize their time and resource allocation in manager selection
  • Introduce only high quality managers and investment opportunities that are consistent with their articulated investment preferences
  • Be a global alternative investment resource by introducing both Asian and non-Asian funds and direct investment opportunities
  • Be an active industry resource for regional and global matters pertaining to alternatives
  • Maintain a regular and pro-active dialogue