businessman with paperWhether you are a new general partner (GP) or a more seasoned manager, there are many elements to a successful global fundraise. A one-size-fits-all approach is not effective. Raising global institutional capital successfully is an interpersonal business that requires more than a Rolodex. It requires a specialized understanding of each local market and its nuances to position a manager and its fund effectively. This cannot be done successfully on a global basis from one or two regions – it requires an on-the-ground presence where genuine relationships are developed and cultural integrity is understood and maintained. Few placement agents globally operate in this manner, with the Asia Pacific region being one of the most underserved and misunderstood.

As a general partner advisory and placement firm headquartered in Asia, Diamond Dragon Advisors was established with this distinction and opportunity in mind. We offer a specialized and clearly differentiated capital raising solution for GPs across the alternative asset space.

In addition, we note the following key differentiators and value proposition:

Our services are designed to facilitate effective and expeditious fundraising, maximize the GP’s resources and create time efficiency, and enable GPs to concentrate on their core competency of making good investments.

We match world-class managers with world-class investors. We represent and effectively position top-tier alternative asset managers to the most sophisticated institutional capital in the world.

We do more than just raise capital. We build strong and long-term alternative asset management businesses. We are a true and dedicated partner, developing long-term relationships founded on trust.

We provide customised advice and execution to our clients with hands-on senior management involvement every step of the way.

We are independent and free from conflicts of interest. We don’t manage our own funds or have other competing lines of business unlike some competitors and we do not represent competing funds simultaneously.

Your success is our success and the terms of our engagement reflect this sentiment through alignment of interests. We are incentivised and aligned with our clients’ interests, focused solely on their success.

We are based in Asia, we know Asia and we are dedicated to Asia. We are on-the-ground across Asia, and service both the GP and LP communities effectively with due regard to the cultural nuances.

We have an excellent global track record of capital raising success across the alternative asset space.

In summary, Diamond Dragon Advisors has an excellent global track record of capital raising success leading
placement assignments across private equity, real assets and real estate.


Diamond Dragon is registered throughout Asia, Australia and the United States with proper and respective regulatory authorities.