halfskyDDA started to sponsor two children from the orphanage in mainland China since June 2014. Before Half the Sky, many children in China who lost their families were fed and sheltered, but not loved. Deprived of loving attention, they could not thrive. Half the Sky has worked since 1998 to make sure that every child knows her life matters to someone. Step by step, we are helping China to reimagine its approach to child welfare.

Growing up happily with the ability to feel love is a challenge for children who have lost their families and who are living in crowded orphanages. Half the Sky Foundation, a global NGO based in Beijing, Hong Kong and Berkeley, offers innovative programs that enable these children to learn to love and be loved. Half the Sky trains its staff to provide nurturing care no matter how long and how often they are rejected by angry, wounded children. The care that Half the Sky provides is as ancient and basic as a mother’s kiss, but its impact is profound. When children learn to receive and give love, neuroscientists tell us that their brain development is enhanced. So watching children blossom when given unconditional love is not only a heartwarming miracle to behold, but also a way of helping fend off the problems so common in institutionalized children who have been fed and clothed, but not cherished.

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